Job posting:

Program Manager

Vulcan Regional Victims Services Society is currently seeking a Program Manager.

Please send resume's to:

Laurie Lyckman at:

Only those that are successful will be contacted.

Qualifications and Skills

  • Possess strong leadership skills including overall program management and supervision of Advocates.  

  • Possess strong organizational and communication skills.

  • Possess excellent oral, written and computer skills.

  • Possess a sound knowledge of finances, budgeting and fundraising activities.

  • Adaptability and flexibility with unusual shift requirements including evenings and weekends.

  • Passion, empathy and objectivity.

  • Experience working with volunteers/non-profit organizations.

  • Must have a valid driver's license.

  • Must pass and continue to keep in good standing RCMP security clearance.

Special Consideration for the following:

  • Applicants possess post-secondary education in Human Services related field or equivalent.

  • Applicants possess experience with volunteer management.

Job Summary:​

The successful applicant will be responsible to administer the Vulcan Regional Victims Services Society (VRVSS). The following list is an overview and not inclusive of all requirements of this position.

  • Recruitment of volunteer Advocates for program delivery. Including ongoing training, Advocate evaluations and overall management of Advocate resources.

  • Coordinates activities of Advocate and other volunteers for program delivery.

  • Responsible for overall victim file management including victims are offered appropriate assistance through emotional support, information and referrals.

  • Responsible or program compliance for Solicitor General Funding requirements and RCMP MOU.

  • Acts as a liaison on behalf of Vulcan Regional Victims Services Society, the RCMP, program supporters and general public.

  • Supports the activities of the VRVSS Board of Directors.

  • Completes other tasks as directed by the Chair of the VRVSS Board and from the Board as needed.

  • Must engage in ongoing, appropriate training directed aimed to VSU Coordinators/Managers.

  • Must be willing to travel for training and to ensure successful VSU operations which include keeping regular office hours in Detachment.

  • Responsible for completing all required Solicitor General Reports and RCMP K-Division Victim Program reports.

  • Assist VRVSS Board on strategic planning including program development, program enhancement and program sustainability.

This position is 37 hours per week posting. The Program Manager will report directly to the VRVSS Board of Directors.​

37 hours per week

90 day probation period

Wage: will be based upon qualifications of candidate.


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